New Training Guide launched #SH30/22

Last year Stonewall Housing provided consultancy, training and workshops to over 200 organisations.  

This week we launch our new training guide.  Find out how Stonewall Housing can provide training tailored to your organisation's needs: download PDF

This is number 22 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.

Posted on 21 November 2013 by Hamish McDonald

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Twelve steps to becoming a better LGBT landlord

Writing in The Guardian, Bob Green provides twelve steps for housing professionals to help their organisations becoming the best service providers possible for LGBT people.

Those twelve steps in short: 

1    Compliance

2    Leadership

3    Internal campaigning

4    Data collection

5    Build trust

6    Understand the issues

7    Policies

8    Partners

9    Promotion

10  Service design

11  Shaping care and support

12  Share your story

You can read the full article on The Guardian.

For information about how Stonewall Housing can help your housing association to provide better services for your LGBT tenants, contact Hamish or Bob

Posted on 25 July 2012 by

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