Building Safe Choices

'Building Safe Choices: older LGBT housing futures' is a feasibility study conducted by Stonewall Housing into the current provision of housing and related care and support for older LGBT people.

As Bob Green, CEO of Stonewall Housing says "Our ambition is that older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people, whatever their history and background, can make informed choices about their housing, care and support from a range of safe and appropriate options."

"Home is a particularly important space for older LGBT people: it is where they feel safe," said Julia Shelley, the report's author. "Despite some providers setting out good intentions and improving their practice, older LGBT people are still uncertain about what they can expect in the future. Many fear the worst.

"One of the key findings of the report is the importance of choice for older LGBT people: there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It sets out four future housing options, along with a number of recommendations:

·         New housing schemes: to support and encourage the development of specialist older LGBT housing schemes, as well as LGBT affirmative housing schemes across all tenures

·         People living together: to provide advice and support to individuals who want to work together to create their own housing solutions, like co-housing;

·         Naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs): for housing providers to identify and support the growth of NORCs, which have the potential for building older LGBT communities without the need for additional new investment;

·         People staying in their homes: to encourage housing and care providers to develop good practice and greater understanding of the needs of older LGBT people.

Download the report:

Visit the website: 

Visitors can add their thoughts about the four housing options, share experiences and ideas, and continue the debate about the future of older LGBT housing.

The feasibility study was funded by The Big Lottery and Commonweal Housing. 

The report was written by Julia Shelley, who has over 25 years experience in Third Sector organisations working with older people, carers and the LGBT community in the areas of community, social care and housing.

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Bona Latties Website

Do you know that our National Older Housing Network, Bona Latties, now has it's own website?

We believe that the needs of older LGBT people and communities are often overlooked in housing and care planning.

Our older LGBT Housing Group Provides a national platform for shared dialogue about housing issues faced by older LGBT people.

You can check out what the group is up to, and any up and coming events here.

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Update: Survey Results

Thank you to people who took part in our recent survey. The results will help evidence need and support for our advice service. The results are now available:

Summary of key findings: 

  • 84 LGBT+ Londoners took part in the survey 
  • 95% believe London’s Housing crisis is getting worse
  • 98% believe there is a need for LGBT+ specific advice, advocacy, and support services.
  • 95% believe the grants program should continue.
  • 95% believe discontinuation would negatively impact the LGBT+ communities of London.

There were also some great suggestions on what services people would like to see developed. Read the full report here. 

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Save your Services

London Councils are currently looking into whether the grants programme should could continue past 2017 and if so what it's priorities are. We are calling on our communities to help save our service

Thanks to London Councils funding Stonewall Housing has worked in partnership with a range of other LGBT organisations working with thousands of LGBT people across London to help them live happier, healthier and safer lives.

Our current partners under London Councils include:

Stonewall Housing


Albert Kennedy Trust


Broken Rainbow 

LGBT Switchboard 

London Councils is a key, important funder of services for LGBT Londoners. Without funding from London Councils, these vital and life-saving services for LGBT Londoners will not continue.

London Councils are currently deciding whether to continue their grants programme past 2017, and if so where cuts could be made.

Please can you respond to the consultation and help us to fight for the continuation of your LGBT services

services. It will take about 30 minutes to register and complete.
Closing date is next Friday 02.10.15.

Ways to help:

1. complete this 3 min survey  Deadline is Friday 2nd October at 10.AM

2.If you have time complete the full survery see below, this option will take about 30 mins. 

Your support will help secure future funding for LGBT people who have been through a dreadful experience..

Thank you for your support in protecting London’s LGBT services. 

We have created template with the answer that can be cut and pasted into the online survey. Feel free to adapt this to something that suits you.



LINK Visit London Councils site to complete


Please join us in campaigning to save our services. 

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Head in the Clouds

Bob Green, our CEO, writes about his recent trip to the U.S. visiting 3 cities with affordable housing schemes, set up for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and his dream when he started working at Stonewall Housing 10 years ago of starting housing for older LGBT people within the United Kingdom.

Stonewall Housing are delighted to have received funding from the Big Lottery and Commonweal to undertake a feasibility study to determine whether there is a need for such a scheme.  We'll be working alongside the Homes and Communities Agency, and Freshfields Law Firm to carry out the feasibility study, which we hope will attract further investment and delivery partners to make our dream a reality.   

For a week in August, Bob travelled over 11,000 miles with just a carry on bag, crossing 8 time zones, spending over 24 hours in the air, visiting schemes in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Los Angelesto ask whether their older LGBT housing might happen one day in the UK.

You can watch Bob's fascinating video diary made during his trip here.

You can read the full Commonweal blog article here.

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Bona Latties

Come and debate the future of housing for older LGBT people.

In an ever-increasing ageing population it is amazing that no one is talking about older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people and their housing issues. Stonewall Housing, in partnership with Opening Doors LondonAge UK and Rainbow Hamlets, invite you join us at the National Older LGBT Housing Network Conference, on Wednesday 18 June, to debate the future of housing for Older LGBT people.

Come and listen to some of the people that are making a difference and have your say.Housing providers: if you want to know what you're older LGBT clients want, come and find out!

The event, held at Oxford House, will run from 11.00 to 17.00.

Speakers will include: 

• Peter Tatchell

• Baroness Liz Barker

• Pink Passkey (a Dutch LGBT charter mark scheme)

• Pride in Care UK (the only domiciliary LGBT agency in the UK)

• Rainbow Lives project (future LGBT housing in the UK)

The event will be followed from 17.30 to 19.30 by a celebration of the work of the Older LGBT Housing Network with a performance by Claire Summerskill.

Both events are free for community members (i.e. LGBT people) and only £50 for the full day for professionals, to include refreshments and lunch.

This event is expected to be extremely popular, and places are limited. We advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. Book your tickets now!

We have a limited number of travel bursaries available for LGBT community members. To apply, please contact Tina Wathern at Stonewall Housing.

Posted on 16 May 2014 by Tina Wathern

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Older LGBT Housing Guide #SH30/26

Stonewall Housing and the Manchester Older LGBT Housing group are pleased to announce the launch of The North West Housing Guide for the older LGBT community.

Manchester has the largest LGBT community outside London, which is an important part of the social and cultural history of the City and the North West.

As a group we feel there is uneven national and local information to support the Older LGBT Community with their housing options. We shouldn't also forget many of those that fought to make the lives of the LGBT community easier will now be approaching retirement. Indeed, sexual orientation and gender identity do not disappear on retirement.

Therefore, as the Stonewall Housing - Manchester older LGBT Housing Group we are proud to be the first to have produced this housing guide for the older LGBT community. We are hopeful this guide will provide support in the maze that is housing and give a better understanding of housing options.

If you are an older LGBT person in housing need or you know an older LGBT person in housing need, you can download a copy of the guide free of charge here.

download PDF

This is number 26 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.

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Volunteering for One Small Step: #SH30/14

If you want to volunteer for One Small Step, let us know and we will send you this lovely guide.




Send us an email, and help your community!

Or you can download a guide to volunteering for One Small Step instead.
download PDF

This is number 14 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.

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Exploring older LGBT housing: #SH30/5

This is a short introduction to our older lesbian, gay bisexual and trans housing group.


For more information about the group, please contact Tina Wathern.

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Take one small step: #SH30/4

We need volunteers to support older LGBT people in London: can you help?


Sign up: your community needs you:

Find out more about One Small Step:

This is number 4 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.

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One Small Step: #SH30/2

Stonewall Housing has been selected as a finalist in the Ageing Well Challenge Prize run by Nesta, the UK's innovation foundation, and funded by the Cabinet Office.

One Small Step, by Stonewall Housing.


One Small Step is a project that aims to make it easier for volunteers in London to help isolated older LGBT people with small day-to-day tasks, like going shopping for groceries or walking the dog. We plan to use social networking to help facilitate volunteering, and to connect people in their local area. 


"With One Small Step we have the opportunity to reduce isolation in older LGBT communities, to encourage a wide diversity of volunteers, and to positively affect the live of individual LGBT people," Bob Green, Chief Executive of Stonewall Housing said.


The video (above) was originally submitted to Nesta as part of our successful proposal for funding for One Small Step.

If you want to use the service, or want to volunteer, please register here:


For further information about One Small Step, please contact Tina Wathern at Stonewall Housing.


About the Ageing Well Giving Challenge
  • The Giving Challenges have been set up to encourage community innovation in the giving of time, skills and resources for social good. They are funded by the Cabinet Office and will see one idea from each of the challenges awarded £50,000;
  • For each challenge, 25 entries were shortlisted, and given the support and opportunity to develop a detailed plan for their idea;
  • Five finalists, with the potential for sustainability and scale, have now been selected to test their ideas. They will receive up to £10,000 and professional advice to set up and test their projects before a winner for each challenge is selected in November 2013 and awarded £50,000;
  • Ageing Well Challenge Prize tasks organisations and groups to develop ideas to reduce the isolation and/or increase the mobility of vulnerable older people by creating new opportunities for people to give time, skills and resources. 

This is number 2 in a series of 30: Stonewall Housing at 30.

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Older LGBT People's Housing Group

Tina Wathern recently joined the Stonewall Housing as LGBT Older Person's Co-ordinator. In an increasingly ageing population, it may seem strange that there is no provision for, or even research into, housing wants and needs of older LGBT people. With initial funding for three years from Comic Relief, Stonewall Housing recently appointed Tina Wathern as LGBT Older Persons Co-ordinator. Tina will be creating and developing a project that will enable older LGBT people to:
  • share their positive and negative experiences of current housing, care and support services;
  • access advice and support to prevent isolation and tackle harassment and abuse;
  • shape policy and practices on a local, regional and national level;
  • act as a resource for researchers, providers, policy and decision makers;
  • enhance their own skills and knowledge through involvement in the management of innovative projects;
  • confront developers and commissioners with their preferences for housing, care and support services and seek to improve the evidence base of need;
  • develop best practice guides and charter mark for providers of services which will improve housing, care and support services offered to LGBT people;
  • influence what services will be developed in the future, e.g. a new cohousing project for older LGBT people or LGBT people of various ages.

Posted on 30 April 2012 by Hamish McDonald

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