Stonewall Housing Customer Charter

What you can expect from us:


1. We will listen to you  


  • We will respond to your initial enquiry within 2 working days
  • We will make time to listen to you
  • We will be polite, empathetic and try our best to understand your needs
  • We will arrange an interpreter for you if required
  • If you tell us we have made a mistake we will try our best to fix it and admit when we have got it wrong


2. We will respect you


  • We will not judge you
  • We will respect how you identify and use terms and pronouns that you feel comfortable with
  • We will respect your confidentiality and won’t share your personal information without your consent


3. We will be here for you


  • If we need to meet with you to discuss your case we will do this as soon as possible
  • We will make sure you aware of how to access our services
  • We will be here for you and on your side


4. We will advise you


  • We will give you with sound legal advice you can trust
  • The advice we give you will be specific to you
  • We will be realistic with you about your housing options
  • We will try our best to offer advice in a way you understand


5. We will support you


  • If we advocate for you we will make sure you are in control
  • We will help you get the support you want in your life


6. What we expect from you


  • We expect you to treat our staff with respect
  • We expect you to keep us updated on any significant changes in your case
  • We expect you to be open and honest with us about your situation


Posted 21 June 2016 by: Hamish McDonald