Do you know your LGBT housing?

Homophobic violence. Transphobic harassment. Sofa surfing. Family breakdown. Domestic abuse.

It’s all very familiar for us. Every year, over a thousand people phone our advice line and ask for help about their housing. Many live in social housing. Most feel their voices are not heard.

We provide consultancy, training and workshops to hundreds of organisations, services and housing providers, using the knowledge we’ve gathered from over 30 years of delivering services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

We know LGBT housing.

Isn’t it about time you did too?

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"The training helped me to have a better understanding of some of the issues LGBT groups face and how we should address them."

L Fest Charity of the Year 2014

Stonewall Housing is delighted to become L Fest's Charity of the Year 2014.


Stonewall Housing Suppoted Housing Officer Cat Haldane recently wrote a blog for Lesbians North London. You can read it all here -